Today sucks.

It’s been one of those
“if it can go wrong it will”
kinda days…

neighbor left his hose on- fully on- & it burst… it flooded his yard, & is now pouring into our basement… took out a window, insulation,  etc…. and what do ya know- a bumble bee nest- so i not only have water in my basement BUT lots of angry bees…  Hes at work, so I waded through his backyard /dog kennel (yeah, shutter) & tried to patch the hole wirh duct tape& reroute the water, as was hooked up somewhere in his basement & not accessible from outside. In the end, I just had to leave a note , wipe off, & run to Thomas’s OT appt… (which was supposed to be at 5pm, but they moved it up to 2pm today)

I put an AC in the boutique…. but The AC keeps popping the breaker…. I believe Ive figured out that its the AC, itself – its so humid that its sucking more water from the inside air then it can put out the back at a time- tipping it way back seemed to help. Well, that & more duct tape.

We also have a plumbing leak in the basement…. yeah…

Despite everything,  we got some unpacking accomplished today. 

Ok- back to OT…. he’s learning balance so he can someday ride a bike by himself:



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