Warehouse Wednesday

We volunteered about 4hrs today. There were a great group of over two dozen teenagers who came in to help out today- at least half of which are from Ireland!

The warehouse is insanely hot, & I again reminded myself how blessed I am that I don’t have to work in a place like that every single day to survive. My whole body hurts after running on this concrete floors- I can’t imagine having to do it for a job/career.

Made a stop on the way home& picked up some more hangers (thanks!) & got some more clothing today.

the boys have been acting all crazy so I sent them outside to play he he he- and I have been hanging clothes.

The kitten is still healing. the giant hole in her head has been taking months to finally heal, but is almost gone.

….. well, I guess I better go gather boys before they melt completely… 😉


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