Tuesday update

Well, we have 6 appts this week, & 2 farmer markets.

I have custom orders to finish, as well as a bunch of in stock items.

Today’s appts start at 9am (4hrs), then I have running to get caught up on (post office, bank, etc), and I have GOT to get the basement swept, so I can start moving some of our stuff out of the boutique– the 2 rooms of the boutique were the easiest place to dump everything as I moved it over, but now, of course, I have to have it all moved &/or put away before Michael’s party on 7/27.

After Michael’s party, I’ll set up my studio/boutique,  and plan to set a one day, “open house” sales day for sometime in August, and then 1-2 similar days in September.

School here for the younger 3 starts on August 13, which is like 2 weeks earier than ever before.  So, I don’t think I’ll get my “open to the public ” day in before that, but I don’t want to rule it out yet…
I still need: more clothing racks, more baby clothing, especially in preemie through 12mths, more of MY products, more maternity, more hangers…  I plan to make a bulk warehouse purchase tomorrow afternoon – after our weekly volunteer time. It’s an awesome opportunity,  but hit or miss as to what they have in at the time.

Well, off to wake these guys up, and start our day!!

Thanks for stopping by!



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