Well, what a way to wake up to a new day& new week. A letter, then a 1 hour wait time on the phone just to speak to someone.

So, I missed a whole day, sitting in a waiting room, feeling stupid, for my # to be called just to turn in paperwork … then waited. Yes, I broke down & applied for food stamps about a month ago. But, I was DENIED.

Apparently,  it’s not possible for 5 people to live on only about $700-800/month. I need a letter from the person supporting us & a way to prove what my sales/income will be every month. 


What a screwed up system! Maybe I should have told them I a drug addict or something?!  Maybe that wouldve worked?!

I had a copy of my budget of how its done people. It wouldve been helpful til I got the house stuff worked out.  But, whatever. It’s fine. I don’t want stuck in the system anyway…


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