Blessings Flow…


to those who have showed up out of the blue & BLESSED us the past couple days!!

#1 brought a big bag of specialty elastic, that I’m already thinking up new products for.

#2 brought hangers & even ended up buying from my current tornado of a shop ( not an easy feat lol), & offering much needed sales assistance.

#3 dropped off a bunch of boys clothing– in ALL my boys sizes– right after I had just told my boys that I wasn’t sure how I’d do the School clothes/stuff, thing this year.
See, to make it harder, the medications my Thomas is on has caused him to go from 25th percentile in weight to 90th in 6mths. ( still 25th in height) AND different types of clothing and fabrics really bother him.  So, it’s very hard to find clothes that fit him at all, more or less things he likes.
I had just spent the morning with him at the doctors office, asking her for help because I can’t find clothes that will fit him right- but of course it is more important to have him healthy than thin, but he certainly cannot go to school wearing his 18 year old brothers shorts…( which is what he must resort to some days)
SO!  GET THIS: Not only were there things that fit, but the perfect clothes for each of their attitudes/looks.
I don’t think I’ll get that new, bright, Hawaiian button down shirt off of Thomas ever(there were tears of joy) & he now has his own shorts that fit!! 

My Christopher loves anything red white and blue/ patriotic( several shirts, shorts, and even a belt with American flags) & Michael desperately needed a nice belt for church, job interviews, etc-perfect fit- & even my tiny, super picky, Andrew found stuff in his size he took off with. ( there wasn’t too much left for me to put in the shop lol)

Thank you to all of you! + those of you who have messaged me about other things we are looking for, such as hangers, and even items Andrew’s upcoming art projects. 

I’m feeling pretty blessed right now- words just can’t describe!



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