various updates…

Well it’s Wednesday.  Volunteer day. We volunteered a good 5-6hrs (typical).
Then, We met up with a lady & bought Andrew some pj sets ( including the one in the photo below), then I had to buy a few things for the boutique set-up phase, and next I took Andrew to get his hair cut.

Andrew is getting particular about his hair now- no longer ok with me just shaving his head super short at home every couple months. So, he got to go to a real salon (great clips) and pick out HIS style from a book.








I just wish I could afford to get all 4 boys’ hair cut, and that I could do something like this for them more than once or twice a year. Andrew was most in need (he’s afraid of the clippers so goes about twice as long as his brothers) and is always so well behaved etc, so he won out this time.  ( extra perk is I don’t have to worry about him potentially biting the hairdresser either- even if he is dressed like a monster- lol)

With 4, basic hair cuts total over $50 every time… (just the boys, not me) and, well, Ive shared our current budget etc in previous posts.

I’m praying I can come up with the money to get all of their hair done before school starts- there won’t be school clothes shopping, & I have no clue how I’ll pay for school supplies etc, though. We have MAJOR things that must be done to this house that will cost A LOT still before winter, or it’ll be game over…

I just keep working nearly around the clock, and waiting for a miracle. I can’t give up hope- it’s all I’ve ever always had.

My boutique area is coming together. It’s stuffed with boxes&furniture,  but a have 2 double rod racks built & full of clothes, & made size marker rings that divide the sizes.

I’m hoping to have my 1st open house in August. There’s still so much to do.  (& we arent even finished moving yet!)  I’m finding it difficult finding and stocking some clothing sizes. ex: I have nothing in girls newborn -12mths… & ironically I thought that would be the easiest to find. I still need lots of non-clothing items too.

Actually, if by any chance you are local & have infant & toddler clothing, bedding, small toys, etc, you don’t need & are willing to donate you can email me at   (hey, worth a shot lol)

Rescue kitten isn’t doing well. I’m just doing what I can for her & at least she’s having a chance to be a kitten & live longer than she would have.  I keep just flushing out the hole with water & packing it with sugar. I hate putting her through what has to be terrible pain, but at least it seems to be the only time she’s hurting.

The hole in her head is still about the size of a dime& yes, sugar sugar-weird I know, google it. The depth is about that of a dime now too, except for an edge that looks kinda like a puncture wound the size of a pencil tip or claw- width&depth wise. ( obviously not, but closest description – you DONT want photos, trust me…)  And actually I do really think the sugar is working better than the antbiotic cream was…

Thinking back, it did originally look a 3rd eye socket- it was that deep- so I guess it is healing, but I lost track of how many weeks its been. (& it still looks sooooo gross&stinks, though less.)  I’ll have to go back & look at my photos…

With this type of wound, it has to heal from the inside out, so I have to keep opening it up…yeah. I’m sure that’s enough description…

It was the same way with Andrew when he was severely burned as a baby. (from the inside
, out) Thankfully Shriners Hospital ICU handled that with him. But this has definitly brought back memories that I usually keep packed away.

Well, it’s past midnight & I better get some sleep before it’s too late…

UPDATE : OH MY GOSH! Just went back and looked at original pics of the kitten’s face and WOW, never mind, she’s 10000x better than the beginning! I forgot how terrible it was! She has FUR now too. I feel better about how it looks right now, now. I seriously don’t know how this cat lived with how bad her head was…
(&apparently I found her 6/2)


2 thoughts on “various updates…

  1. I love the Max jammies I was looking at the same ones for Ezra but decided not to because I can’t get him to wear clothes lol. So glad one of my friends gets some use out of them!!!

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