Ive been doing a research study& yesterday forgot the meds…. I was actually HAPPY again & got stuff accomplished.  Im thinking these meds are making me depressed…. AND very forgetful. Im losing everything & cant accomplish What I usually do… BUT I can’t afford to quit- we desperately need the money.

The only other thing Ive come up with that I can do without leaving the boys too long (4hr rule) is sell blood/plasma.  I hate needles. I had my kids natural because I hate needles THAT much. But whatever I can do…

It’s hard enough just trying to survive on only $700-$800/mth. And I can’t survive many more cold baths.
I’m trying not to think about what we will do when cold weather hits. Ive been stock piling portable heaters…

But HERE, it doesn’t rain in our house. And the living room floor isn’t caving in. And there’s no land lord telling me he can come and go as he pleases because he owns the house. And putting me down when my house wasn’t museum quality clean. AND this place is twice the size & $100 less per month! And that place was insanely dusty!  I vacuumed a full canister of dust from every room, every day, as well as stuck the hose down the vents, etc, trying to vacuum up as much as possible.

And kept my sewing room sealed & everything in air tight bins & ziplock baggies…. the landlord said that was because it was an old house as well…  You know what’s ODD though??? THIS HOUSE is over 100yrs older AND was vacant for YEARS ( No one around to dust and vacuum)  and we dont have that problem here!!

I can still hear him in my head:
over a week without a working toilet= “use a bucket& put water in the back”
raining in every room, including hallway- entire 2nd floor= “old houses leak, put a bucket under it you will be fine.”
And the list is long…

But until this place, I couldn’t find anything for even double our rent there. I even tried section 8 etc, but their lists were so long that they were closed and they were not accepting any new applications.
& I looked into escrowing our rent and going through court. But that cost money I didn’t have AND The way our lease agreement was written up, He could have legally immediately evicted us- & again- we had no where to go. (legal aid etc doesn’t deal with such cases.)

So, I started praying and shopping. And I found this place. A place where I can expand my business & have the potential to create a positive future for my family.

And I’m working non stop to make it come together.

I still owe $800 for electric. But Plumbing (4 water) is paid off so far.

I have a long list of urgent things that require money. I’m waiting to see God’s plan.

It took several plumbers coming & giving quotes, but eventually I found one who pointed out that all these crazy high quotes, from people saying they were cutting me a deal, were for work that was completely unnecessary- and
my quote went from $1000 at lowest, to $100.

And the plumbing repairs for the rest of the house, previous lowest quote $1800…. I’ve paid $200 so far.

So now, I have the GAS mess next. They REALLY messed me up putting the meter OUTSIDE. There is NO WAY to get around having to get permits & hire a certified through the city company. The big companies that require all the money up front and do not finance.

Meanwhile, I have appts to attend to (only about 8hrs worth set so far) and orders to finish, and a website to build, & to finish packing & moving, and this place to unpack…. lol…. you, know, the usual….


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