july *5th*

So, yesterday started early as usual, but consisted of watching a long parade in the rain (+s: only a block from home& sat under a closed store awning)  &  ended with standing in the rain with over tired kids, watching fireworks…. in bed by… 11:30pm?

I forgot water bottles- which I was reminded of every other minute. I forgot everything actually. ( I need to finish moving so I can get my necessities bin back in the back of my van!)

And thus comes TODAY.
step 1: GET UP.
step 2: case manager appts- STARTING AT 8:00AM & running through 11am…. (8AM?! What was I thinking when I allowed that time the morning after fireworks??!!)
STEP 3: more packing & moving (Dear God, cant u drop some miraculous volunteer from the heavens to finish this for me??!! 2mths of this! & I was supposed to be 100% out LAST weekend! The boys’ are whining & refusing to help& I’m sooo worn out…)

STEP 4: MORE APPTS! through around 7pm. And I have orders to finish (the black cloud of guilt for not being done)

STEP 5: prepare for farmers market- have to be ready to leave to set up by 6am tomorrow.

And, of course, sprinkled throughout the day also: medicines x 5, 3meals+ snacks, baths, clean the kitten’s wounds out, walk dogs, feed animals, do laundry, dishes etc, pay bills….

…& I still have to have THIS house unpacked& in order by Michael’s party on the 27th…

I can’t give up anymore “real work” hours- our income is tettering at under $700/mth already…. which of course also explains why I can’t afford to hire help.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…  (right???)


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