So, today I learned that my utility bill is just always going to be higher than a normal single-family home… and it has absolutely nothing to do with the size. Apparently its the way my house/property is zoned. My trash alone is nearly $50/mth.  I called everywhere & there is Absolutely nothing that can be done about it and the amounts are correct. All because I *could * turn this house back into apts at some future point…
This is quite a blow to say the least…

I’m just trying to keep faith that everything will work out.

Meanwhile,  while on the phone with that mess, I got van load packed & moved… one. I’m getting there slowly.

I also bought another dresser & a recliner chair this evening, total cost: $2.08. It’s a BIG dresser too. 9drawers… its needs painted… later.

Only using 2 floors, of 1/2 the house (units 1&2), we are running out of room! I have GOT to get stuff unpacked & put away!  BUT, I have orders that need finished!  So many things of MAJOR importance all at once…

Well, off to get kids in bed & then back to work!





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