rescue kitten… (kinda graphic)

So…. when I first found miss half dead kitty in my front yard, she looked like three day old road kill and I was certain she was missing an eye… she was so thin that not only her bones but her joints were showing through her long, matted hair. she could barely lift her head and when she tried to me out no sound came out. But, she was still alive, & I couldn’t just leave her to die…

I gently bathed her with dawn dish soap (rids oil/grease, & fleas) & dewormed her. she was too weak to even fight about it. I swaddled like a newborn & Then laid her in a bunny cage & waited.

I jokingly nick named her “lucky” due to looking like she was missing an eye…

She had some absesses on her head-right where cats naturally rub against everything. The 1st one was scary when it burst- it was right between her eyes& as deep as an eye socket itself… & it STUNK. bad. At that point I thought she was a goner… which was sad because she had finally started putting on a little weight and getting some energy- using a mini litter boz& feeding herself. But, I was walked through what was essentially minor surgery over the phone & started medicines.

& Her eye WAS there afterall, but swollen shut- come to find out it was more absess. (which popped today)

(An abscess is kinda like a giant infected pimple.)

I’ve kept her in the bunny cage up til this weekend,  when for the first time, she was actually upset that she was in a cage. So, I graduated her to my bedroom- Where we can keep her away from our other pets, But she has more room to roam & build some muscle/ strength.

Today, she jumped about 4′ straight up onto my tall bed, to lay on me.  I think its safe to say she’s getting stronger!

& she does NOT like me flushing out her eye& head lol… ( more signs that she’s getting stronger)

She’s getting fur too- & has very interesting coloring.
She has 2 colors split right down the middle of her back head:


And the exact opposite down the front:


(you can see the healing absesses on her forhead & around her eye-that has been sealed shut but now she can open since it drained…& that she DOESN’T like a camera in her face hehe…)

Swelling a WAY down today & she can open her eye!

She still has a touch of an URI, but sneezing less and not as long or often. She comes when I call & wants to be with RIGHT with me at all times. As I type, she’s rolled up between me & Thomas, in my bed.

Baby animals are a lot like baby humans- never underestimate what some extra cuddling, love, and body warmth can do…


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