Big Flower Clips Are In!!!

big flower clips are in the shop! they have felt inside the clip too:



its been a long Monday…

I have girls-womens clothing hung. (well most hung)
I’ve learned: It doesn’t LOOK like much, but it came out to 395 items hung!! & I have more but ran out of hangers…


AND I hung boys-mens clothing. Again, doesn’t look like a lot to me, but total came to 321….


I have items in every size, though lacking in some. & I ran out of hangers again!

STILL ACCEPTING ANY/ALL HANGERS & ANY/ ALL CLOTHING, especially infant-children sizes. I also need shoes, especially infant & toddler for girls and boys.

AND MATERNITY CLOTHING!! I’m having no luck finding maternity clothes for cheap enough to resell. :-/

Also need infant&up socks, stockings, hats, gloves, bedding, towels, & every other accessory.

In other words- good start but a long way to go… 😉

Oh & I have my shoe area built, just need to stock it…. I have no girls shoes at all lol…

More Prep…

Well, 3/5 of us volunteered today. ( Michael and Thomas stayed home…. as last week Thomas decided to bite another volunteer….yeah…)  Anyway, we put in about 5hrs, as usual. Then, we picked up over 373 clothing items for my boutique!

All very simply sorted into stacks- but I don’t have hangers.  That’s right- I currently need at least 350 baby hangers, and about 50 regular size hangers. 

Michael’s party is THIS Saturday.

Between boutique prep & party prep- not to mention clearing the entire floor of boxes etc- theres A LOT to do… Im thinking about skipping the farmer markets this week….

And, that’s all I got… 😉

The financial #s are in…

Well, the financial numbers are in… and I need to make an additional $300/mth to survive.

That doesn’t include major things we need like the gas, furnace, etc, or the money I still owe for electric.

At 1st, it sounds really bad/scary, but at 2nd glance it could be much worse. $300/mth more… maybe the boutique open house days will bring that in?

Maybe I should plan on having 2 open houses per month, instead of 1? Longer hours too? I still need more advertising – maybe that’ll help…

I’m so close to making this all work….