~~Who needs it anyway???~~

So…. I Obviously don’t have any money to buy a new stove right now… BUT- how often did we use the stove? & for what?

At walmart last night, I found an “Electric Skillet” for under $20… and this got me thinking. 

We DONT have a traditional stove. BUT we DO HAVE:
#1: A microwave… 1/2 The time I even use that to boil water instead of using the stove anyway.(left)
#2: a counter top toaster oven/broiler. It bakes AND toasts AND broils.(right)

#3: & now, a table top electric skillet- that can brown ground beef etc…. (middle)

So. What does a giant stove do that these three items can’t?? … you know, other than take up a bunch of room in your kitchen AND heat it up really hot in the summer – & try setting your big oven outside while it cools. 😉
(OH- &  harder to clean too.)

So. Here it is, my COOK CENTER (sans drawers I havent brought over yet& it could use a coat of paint…& another shelf across the top?)


TOTAL COST:  under $25!
(Skillet, oven, paint- already had other stuff)
What do you think?? :+)


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