Treading Water….

I can “see” this new place finished. Or at least more together.  It’s a very stressful time right now- 1/2 moved & must be out of the old place in 3 days. Jam packed schedule – appointments today, farmer market tonight, more appointments tomorrow- still need to schedule the utilities to be shut off over there too, that I forgot to do yesterday- & farmer Market saturday 7a-1p, THEN I have a baby expo 1p-4p, THEN I have to move the other 1/2 of our home with my minivan.  AND of course orders to fill/finish- looming over me like a giant guilt storm cloud.

But, once everything is moved, at least that’s less stress…

Meanwhile, as we squeeze around boxes & furniture,  I can envision my house put together – how things will be easier in this place.

My laundry room will be on the same floor as the bedrooms, in the once “kitchen.” So, basically, all the bedrooms open right into it. So far, I haven’t needed even 1 of our 1/2 dozen hampers that has been a staple in our lives for decades- the washer is so close I can just toss everything directly in it.
(& I’m trying not to focus on the fact we dont have a plug for the dryer.  At least it has been hot enough that everything is drying super fast. )

My bedroom slowly looks more like a bedroom. I even found 2 long lost rugs for my floor.

The boys’ rooms- well… I REALLY  need to get the 3rd floor done- most of their stuff will go up there…

The boutique is slowly forming- though honestly, it is currently the dumping ground for all the furniture and boxes as they come over. Once out of the other house, I will be able to focus more over here.

The kitchen.  I had to stop & do some painting so I could put up shelves for our kitchen stuff. (Photos in past post)  I felt really guilty the whole time because I have custom orders that still need filled… But we needed the shelves so I could unpack our food so we can eat…

( But without orders we have no money to buy food so we can eat… classic chicken /egg problem. )

Oh. And the drain pipe for the kitchen sink would be great….

& I need to *find* my office /sewing room again. After we get fully moved over, I can put us on a new schedule.

( With breathing time.)

& during all of this, money is insanely tight. That never helps anyone’s stress level. We are at about $800/mth income right now. $600 of that is typical “house” bills- and that is just the new place. The rest is all basically gas for the van.
(Yeah… I don’t know either…)

Well, I better HURRY- I have an appointment 40mins away & am NOT ready!


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