A Work In Progress …

After a frustrating afternoon (& right after my last post), I stopped past the “new” house to turn off drying fans from the work I did earlier today.

I got out, and for some reason just stopped & looked at the place. This is mine. Progress is slow, but I am rebuilding. 


It may not look like much now, but this giant old house & I will be rebuilt …

… under that ugly old coverage you see, is the original work of art- the way it was meant to be, before someone came along and placed their own opinions of what they thought would be better over top.

Many people have come along and shook their heads- ” there’s no way. Its too far gone… nothing can be done… no one wants that old damaged thing…”  ” that’s way too much for me to handle…”

But this is going to happen. I don’t know how. I Certainly cannot afford it…. BUT How on earth did I get here? How did I get this far? I mean, I certainly wasn’t in a position to… or had the money to buy a house at all, more or less a nearly 4,000sq ft, 7bdrm, 4full bathroom, historic home… Our income is down to about $800/mth for petes sake.

But here I am. Here it is. And here we go….


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