Kind of a bust

Well. Other than the load I moved in my minivan today, No moving got done.  A friend who is going to help me had some pretty bad seizures this morning and couldn’t make it, & I never heard back from anyone else.

So, I postponed it another 2 weeks. I had a farmers market this morning, and decided to just pass out flyers instead of dragging all of my in stock products out. My teenager sold baked goods.

Afterward, I got some shopping done & then headed over to the new house. While the plumber worked on the plumbing, I put together shelves and pulled out fabrics, etc. I still have several more orders to make- decided it was best to put the fabrics away as I pull them out instead of just dig through bins for the particular ones I need a time.


One side of the fabric room.
* rough draft version* It’s functional at least…

I’m REALLY missing my boys today ( more than usual) & I have no idea why. It is Father’s Day weekend so my three youngest are with their dad.

The kitten is hanging in there still so far. I just keep packing the hole in her head with the cream. The smell is horrible, but I’m told normal. It really doesn’t look any better today, other than starting to try to heal a very little I think.

So. The plumbing.
Original quotes: $3,600( Includes water heater& lines, but not 2nd bthrm)
So far: $300 ( no water heater& lines) obviously the water heater alone will probably double the current total.

It’s not completely done, But it also includes plumbing the second bathroom ( The boutique 1) That I wasn’t going to have ready yet. It won’t be pretty, but it will be functional.

So- I do have that victory.

& I talked to my current landlord today& added 2 weeks back to the plan. Trying to be out by the end of June is still insanity, but not as bad as by this weekend.

I also postponed my son’s graduation party from this coming weekend until the end of July, closer to his 18th birthday.
Hopefully by then other people’s graduation parties will be completed and he won’t miss out on any friends being able to come.  & There’s just no way I can get everything together to have an adequate party by this Saturday…

Tomorrow is church, then more unpacking fabrics & hopefully getting some orders done ( or at least worked on) for Monday.

Heading to bed hoping for sleep.


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