Plumbing & updates

#1: the water is turned on to the house! Next step is to get the plumbing from the meter through the rest of the house fixed– hopefully this evening.

#2: the kitten I found in my yard half dead a week or so ago, has been gaining strength energy and weight. Today she woke up with a large hole in her head- I totally panicked. After phone calls and photos, I was walked through what was basically minor surgery- I gave her a full head to toe bath again, next I swaddled her in a towel like a newborn, then had to cut away the matted fur etc, clean it, and fill it full of antibiotic cream. It is very very gross and stinky, but she was a trooper.  I really thought she was a goner… but apparently this abscess bursting means the infection is on its way out… **SHUTTER**
I was never meant to be in the medical field… but I got it done.
Then I had to thoroughly scrub down and sanitize her cage again & give her her oral medicines.
So, now I have to pack the hole in her head with a topical cream 2-3x/day & and give her oral medications twice a day.

So far, taking her in has not cost me anything more than a little extra cat food and litter, but is now safe to say I definitely saved her life.  So, God is coming through. Although I still have no idea why this would be put on my plate during this time of chaos.

#3: the boys and I are packing like crazy!! I’m going to try to move as many boxes over to the house as possible today, before they go with their dad for Father’s Day weekend.

And I was blessed to be able to borrow a flatbed trailer tomorrow afternoon to move all our big stuff( appliances and large furniture etc)…. but I have no help lifting/moving said stuff yet… I’ve been searching and asking everywhere but no such luck yet.

#4: I am trying to fight off anger & depressed feelings during all this. I have 99% no family support etc. Sure, I have online cheer leaders, which I appreciate. And my boys have quite a number of professionals like doctors and therapists. & I’m working my tail off trying to find companies that will give me the best deals. But at the end of the day, I’m doing this alone.

I’m getting sick and tired of people telling me “you have 4 boys make them help.” Obviously forgetting they have special needs& cant do much “help”… when they help it actually causes me triple the amount of work!  and people asking ” well ask your family, don’t you have a mom or dad or sisters or brothers… cousins.. who can help you??”  NO I DONT!
& ” you go to church, why don’t they help you?”
Because Everyone they asked has the same questions as above!!

It is frustrating to ask everywhere for help moving & no one is available. After all who am I, and why I am I worth helping anyway? It’s bringing back old memories that I tried to forget about… realizing that I have never been a priority to anyone- even my own parents. I’m trying to fight it off & keep from sinking. An overall the biggest hurdle during all of this is the fact that I am a major planner- I’m the type that has a plan A, B, C, & D, And then plans in case all those fail. And the truth is I just cannot do that with this whole moving housing situation. The whole thing is a giant leap of faith. For everyone positive blessing, I’m fighting through a good dozen “bad things”… like finding the leak and then realizing I had to gut the walls and the floor down to the studs, and replace them, during our already tight time frame.
(BTW, The sub floor did get put back in. I still need to finish putting the walls back up. Crap. TONIGHT- Before I get the appliances over tomorrow! They go along that wall….

I have a local handy man who came over to help finish putting down the floor& he helped make sure the leak was fixed- I was a little scared I would be doing it wrong- I definitely want to learn how to do it for future use, but it’s much better to have someone over seeing it– & he is also supposed to come over tonight to look at the plumbing, as I have found out that regular plumbers do not want to fiddle with fixing just broken sections( or help me do it/ show me how to do it myself) they only want to come in and pull all the plumbing from the entire house and replace it all- which I’m trying not to do, as that would cost me at least $1800 that I don’t have. ( He is also the guy loaning me his trailer tomorrow.)

So, Not everything has been a bust.

At the same time( not sure if I posted about it before or not) I have discovered we are getting charged for two gas meters but there are no gas lines to my house at all!  Because there’s two gas METERS in the basement so I get a minimum charge FOR EACH even though  its not turned on & CANT Can’t be turned on Without a gas line ran in from the street. Its going to cost a lot for permits & certified companies to do all that work…. At least so far it looks like the gas line from the street to the house is the city’s responsibility to pay for..  I am waiting for the city to call me back now.

Well, gotta get back to work!!
Thank you for stopping by!


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