talk about down to the wire!!
As fast as I said
” okay god I’m down to the wire with no help what now??”
I ran into a fellow small business owner/pastor who’s going to ask around tonight. AND have a friend who’s been out of town and thinks he will be back just in time! *AND* Looks like my plumbing is going in tonight!!  Like, Real working faucets and a flushable toilet, Maybe even 2- as he says it looks like the pipes are still there and intact for bathroom number 2!
And even possibly my Washer hookup! (No 220 yet for dryer)

Gheez, if this all works out…. IDK. I mean, when I first prayed about our housing situation and then came across the ad for this house, I said ” okay God. There is absolutely no way at all that I can make this work. This idea is absolutely insane. If this all works out, everyone will know it was YOU.”
99% of everyone has been telling me how crazy I am to have made this decision in the first place– to choose to try to be self sufficient instead of just throwing my hands up giving up on everything and signing up for welfare…

And this has been quite a road
…. here goes everything…


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