Well… It will be a long time before we are picking out paint and cabinets and such… BUT! I’m Going the rest of the floor, Down to the studs& Putting in the new subfloor& walls!


See that plywood there??? 4’x8’x 3/4″….each.  It took 2 full grown men to bring it out and put it in my van.
I am single handedly taking it from my van into my house… which mind you, is 2-3x the distance and includes two sets of stairs!! (Holy cow, they r HEAVY!!)

BUT, you do what you got to do. I hope my boys realize how much I’ve done & accomplished for/because of them someday….

I also finally bought real door knobs and deadbolts! Up until now our doors have locked with eye hooks& padlocks. ( I should add a picture of that too lol)

Oh & in other news:
#1: Thomas was invited how to play in the Miracle Baseball League …. Its for children with special needs. Up until now I did not realize how much even I am still in denial… I can’t. I just can’t. He’s so smart- he would figure out very quickly that these are all special kids…. & he doesn’t really realize that he is the way he is yet… :-/

#2: I failed my EKG this week… I should not be doing any heavy lifting at all… um… yeah…well…

#3: moving is still going as fast as I can alone, which is pretty slow.

Ok… Time to finish dragging this wood in& get busy!!


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