Update sunday…

Hello, just a quick update … Thomas is doing much better. Im sooooo glad I put my foot down on the meds thing& have him on safer options…. even if it means we have to do medications 4 times today. He is want to bed on time every night since he’s been home from the hospital- that has NEVER happened.

I Haven’t gotten any calls about him from school. He has had some anger outbursts but only verbal….well… and the normal brother stuff.

I got three vanloads of stuff to the new house& unpacked this weekend- mostly big stuff- with Michael’s lifting help.

AND This afternoon as I went out to pack the van, There was a half alive kitten laying in our front grass… One I shut- we honestly thought it was missing- and severely thin-every bone sticking out& a filthy matted mess… šŸ˜¦Ā  she is most likely a wild stray, as herein are area there are hundreds…. but I’ve never seen one in this condition.

I Carefully picked her up, lightly washed her, fed her, and put her in a bunny cage…

I washed her again this evening with cat spray, and she’s now opening her eye. You can tell she’s never been cared for by a human-never petted, but she is so weak that she has no choice but to allow it all. And by this evening she’s already parking up& has learned to enjoy being cuddled and petted.

Shes A tortoise shell calicoe& Being a wild cat& Very weak, I have been surprised she picked up on the litter box As well as she has.Ā  But, Fact remains she looks like three day old road kill- But alive…. Only time will tell…

But I couldn’t just leave her laying out in the yard& At the very least she Has now felt love. I can’t take her anywhere (shelther etc) because in her condition they would put her to sleep. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so in my book she deserves a fighting chance at a real life.

At the same time I’m not sure why this had to happen- why things like this occur- when we’re already in a crisis. Is it weird how that’s how life works???

I have to move us completely by the end of the month. And I still have to come up with $2,800 for plumbing.Ā  I don’t have much plan for any of it… just keeping faith day by day…


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