Thomas Home

Thomas is home. (Insurance ran out.)  Staff stated “he is still extremely Oppositional and just plain nasty.”  There were quite a few times when the whole train staff couldn’t handle him& he had to be isolated. They sent him home and told me I’m going to need lots of help in the home. ….um….yeah….

So far, I’ve seen a lot of anger&yelling. He’s had a few times where he says he hates someone & he’s been upset easily.   Though bedtime last night was odd- he thanked me when I said it was time for bed, what straight up stairs and fell asleep in my bed.  And Andrew went straight to bed in his own room.  I was so confused I didn’t know what to do with myself lol.
I was left wide awake with not even any one left to read to.

He’s on 4 medications, 3x/day. Doctor said it could be up to a full two months before they start working fully.

Meanwhile, I have a custom order to finish and get shipped ASAP, appts today, paperwork that needs dropped off  across town, of farmers market to be ready for this Saturday morning, and of course lots of cleaning and packing and moving.

Still nothing on the plumbing. (Cost $3,600& Must be done before we move in a month) Income down to about $800/mth-big ouch. It has been difficult to do all the “work stuff” while driving back and forth to the hospital each day, and still having to keep up with all our regular appointments and such- and of course I’ve been really sick through it all. I’m trying keep our head above water as best as I can.

And that’s about it. Today is mostly dedicated to getting Thomas Re acclimated to our home& Trying to figure out a plan to get him back in school.

Thank you for stopping by.


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