Thomas update

I’m still really sick, the doctors already informed me I can’t get better with all the stress, so I’m just pushing on.

I called to check on Thomas in the hospital today. He is still refusing to take any medications, or let them draw blood for tests etc, and is kicking and screaming and hitting, to the point that no hospital staff can handle him… he has been placed in solitary confinement– which is exactly like the padded room you see in the movies. A small room, with padded walls, completely alone. The thought alone is just unbearable. I really don’t know what to do.
I mean, if you stick your child in a room like that at home, you go to jail for abuse. When he’s at home, everyone expects me to ” handle him” when he is like that… and completely on my own… and God forbid I ever leave a mark or anything while I’m doing it, because after all, that’ll send you to jail too.  So…. Why is it okay to do this in the hospital??

Insurance runs out and they plan to send him home on Tuesday. What am I supposed to do?

& yes, we have every single type of professional available. And have for 3 years. But, none of them can “handle” him.

I Even was able to get the insurance to qualify us for din home aide A few hours a week  **BUT** None of the agencies Who accept our insurance have an aide who is capable of handling him- they’re only trained for basic “grooming.” Not with dealing with such fits.

I am maxing out credit cards that I can’t pay for, to pay for gas to drive back and forth to the hospital. I still need $3600 for plumbing(& still can’t get a plumber to call me back after they hear I don’t have the money in hand) , and have to have us all moved in a month.) (& with Thomas in tow)

I’m only bringing in about $700/mth income now & also start the farmer markets this coming weekend. Some how.

I Just don’t know what to do… I do know that its unbearable to know my child is an hour away and locked in a padded room because they can’t handle him… I just I want to be there, holding him, telling him its okay and we will find a solution.

All three other boys are suffering as well. I have teachers calling me with their concerns. They’re handling themselves pretty well here at home, but apparently it’s coming out at school.

I just don’t know what else to do. I have no one HERE. In my home, to personally help with anything… and I obviously can’t afford it.

I’m sick. But there isnt time for rest. I am cleaning and packing alone.  I’m thankful for all the thoughts and prayers. But Im alone.

I’m dragging myself in to scrub floors, vacuum and shampoo carpets, & start setting up rooms now. Christopher and Andrew are keeping each other occupied at the moment. So I just need to get myself up shake this off and get busy again…


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