Thomas had another rough week which resulted in his Dr sending him to be hospitalized. They currently say at least 5-7days. Once settled in, fed, & bathed, he seemed in better spirits.  Hes been off all medications & hes been a totally different child every 10mins.  One minute hes happy, the next hes biting, kicking, clawing… just praying they find a solution.  I am scared  he could really end up hurting someone.

Also, according to my own hospital trip the night before, I officially made myself sick “due to extreme stress.” I never believed it was really possible.. but apparently it is- the doctor took one look at me and knew right away….Im really sick & have “stress ulcers” ( I think it looks like chicken pox)- and apparently wont get better unless/until I give myself time to rest/heal.  Im dripping sweat( like with a high fever), my throat/glands & eyes are swollen, etc.  They cant give me anything to help.

I have no one to care for the boys (&no $$), so yesterday I did what any mother would do- left the other 3 together, packed up my 9yr old son, put the $80 of gas it took on a credit card, & somehow succeeded in getting him to the hospital. From there, he was taken to another hospital by ambulance about an hour from our home (I followed) & hospitalized.
I actually feel it was best for him, but its devastating to leave the hospital empty handed.
I’m thankful its only temporary.

I will be making the drive everyday until he comes home.  Though honestly have no idea how Ill even cover gas. (Or how long I can hold up)

Im sad he will miss the holiday weekend – which I had planned to take off & just spend sometime as a family.

Michael & Christopher will be out of town Friday night– Michael  Is opening at a concert for  KJ-52!

So, now Friday will be just Andrew & I.  All other plans are out the window.

Of course, I am also down to a month to find $3600 for plumbing & get our entire household moved. Idk how.

(All Of the above on my mind is probably why I’m up at 4 a.m.)


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