Rough week…

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

Its been a rough week. Thomas was suspended from school again- 6th time this school year for nine separate instances.
Also, he was only at school 3 1/2 days, but managed to run away from school 2 of them. The school informed me Friday that is against the law for them to stop any child from leaving the building if they want to. I think this is crazy when it comes to a child with special needs. I’m tired of having to be concerned that my child is safe and the other children around him are safe while he is at school/ not under my supervision.

I took Thomas to the doctor on Friday, and the only thing that kept him from being admitted in the hospital was that it is his fathers visitation weekend…
So, I have to take him back to the doctor tomorrow morning. He may or may not be sent then. One concern is that’s the only 12 days of school left. If he is admitted now, he will miss the end of the school year.  So, The question Being reviewed is: Is he safe enough to finish out the school year before the hospital??

And… I found a leak in the main kitchen and the new house & Had to fully gut the back walls and get up on the roof and clean out the gutters. I also went to Home Depot, and got a walkthrough on how to fix the leak on the roof. Lots of scrubbing & spraying everything down with bleach… 4 1/2 outdoor trash cans worth of debris…

Saturday,  I went to watch Michaels final Choir competition. He won first place!!
Afterward, He went off to the award ceremony at Kings Island ( Like Christopher’s was held last weekend)  & I want to work on the new house some more. The work keeps me from thinking about the fact that I can’t afford to get in the Kings Island for their award ceremonies. It’s really crushing, so anything else I can focus on for a little while is better.

I pulled up about 1/3 of the old warped wood flooring in the formal dining room ( part of where the boutique will be), worked on scraping up sticky goop from unit 2’s kitchen floor ( didn’t get much more accomplished there), & script that kitchen wall area out, with rounds of bleach, then letting it air dry. I’m hoping to get a handyman out today to give me a second opinion of the plan to fix it before I do anymore.

I can’t afford a ladder, so in order to get on the roof I must go around and ask neighbors to borrow a ladder.

Today, theres church, tons of paperwork, and some orders to finish up.  One Of the farmers markets start this next weekend, And not only have I not gotten my application in yet, I’m not really prepared.  So, That all needs to be done ASAP too.  I’m nervous about signing up for the farmers markets, Because I will be at my booth alone And I must be there every time. I need to do them to try to make the money we need, but with Thomas’s health right now Im concerned there’s a chance I would miss or have to leave immediately. Also, Every other Saturday morning: what do I do with the boys? The Saturday one is within walking distance of our current home in the center of the city, but the two youngest cannot walk that far. Also, We do not have a home phone etc.  I have until Saturday to figure everything out. The only family I have around are my children, And there is not even a penny left for Hiring help.

And Of course, I have to have our new house Ready And have us fully moved By July. I still have no answer for the plumbing- most recent quote $3,600. The Electric is at $900 so far… and that’s just going to the breaker box.

Meanwhile I’m anxious for the boys to come home tonight. The doctor took Thomas of all his medications on Friday, so he will need even more supervision than usual. I just want him here so I can make sure he’s OK…

I am also very beyond worn out. My entire body hurts.. even my eyes. It’s taking everything I have to force myself up& keep going… well more than I thought I had.

I have to do this though. I’m not going to let these circumstances stand in the way of keeping my family together.  I’m still holding out on the idea that someday things will be better and easier…..


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