New account & updates

Well, I have been working non stop with out breaks since the house closing. I cant wait to have a safe place for my kids and an opportunity to grow my business more in order to support my family.  I am tired of having to tell my kids they must miss out on opportunities because, even though I work myself so hard with out breaks, I just cant afford it. I am in serious amounts of pain… I’m surviving off very little sleep, BUT I am proud to be single-handedly building a safe home for my kids. I am thankful I was blessed with such a great deal on this property. And I just keep going, knowing that it will all pay off, and soon my kids will have what they need.

I have pulled wallpaper and several layers peel and stick tiles up- by hand with only a basic hand paint scrapper- to the point my hands are covered in blisters.  And I have been scrubbing everything down- still a lot more to go.

I took a 2nd big leap of faith and had the electric installed today! Well, the 1st $900 worth anyway. (I have 6mth financing.) Tomorrow the city comes out to inspect and turn it on, then we see what the next step will need to be.  Also, I am getting a new plumbing quote tomorrow.

So, when I say I’m fighting, I’m fighting. And I am a planner- so everyone can rest assured I exhausted ALL options before jumping into this house. I have also looked in to every possible agency funding opportunity- only to find out the deed must be in my name for a full year before I would be eligible for any help. We only have until July to have everything DONE and MOVED. So. It’s back to all me.  My oldest son seems concerned that I “won’t” stop working when I’m not with the boys… I CANT stop. There’s a limited amount of time. And extremely little help lol.

And of course, this is a 200 year old house that has been vacant for many years.  But, it has A LOT of potential. (& cant beat the price for the size!)


(1st floor will be business and 2nd, 3rd floor for us)



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