Slow Process…

So as of last night, I have single-handely put 41 hours into the new house- peeling wall paper, pulling up vinyl tiles, cleaning, pull up warped hardwood flooring, moving everything from our 10×12 storage unit over, 1 mini van load at a time.

I have 2 case manager appts for the boys today and I still have to finish cleaning our current home beofree then.  Also, today is early release (every other week is), so the boys are only in school 5hrs today, instead of their usual 6hrs.

I have the van 1/2 packed with odds and ends to take over to the new house this evening- when I meet an electrician for a quote.  I already need to come with $100 for a booth/tent for the farmer markets ASAP, $1,500 for plumbing (triple if the guy who volunteered runs off on me…I haven’t heard from him in nearly a week) , and the electric will probably cost at least that. But I am not giving up faith.

So far, no volunteers- other than the MIA plumbing guy. Agencies can’t help with out a referral- but there is no one to do the “referral” sInce I’m self supported. (even though we are well below the poverty line.) So, I just keep working on it all myself. I taught the boys how to pull nails and bought 2 more hammers, and they had fun breaking all the wood into smaller pieces for disposal.  My oldest (6’3″) has helped with pulling down wall paper from the tops of the walls. And I just keep taking a few things at a time every time we go over to work on it…. OH- and milk jugs full of water over too of course- since there is no water lol. For the toilet, and for cleaning. 

My new neighbors cut my grass for me! Front and back!  Though no one will say who… 

And I got a few business help -type connections at the chamber meeting yesterday, that I finally got brave enough to go to, AND I stood up in front of the dozens of professionals and gave a 3 minute speech about who I am and my business now and future goals.  And I survived!  (Sometimes I amaze myself- how strong I am becoming.)

So, as always, I am going to just keep going.

-Off to clean, pack some more, do some laundry, and handle these appts, get kids, homework, dinner, and meet a guy for an electric quote!  


2 thoughts on “Slow Process…

    • OH YES! That is one thing- the new neighborhood is WONDERFUL!! Everyone is so excited that I’m turning the house into a single family/business, and NOT keeping it a 4 family rental…
      .. apparently the prior owner was a bit of a slum lord per se…
      I’ve also let them walk though the house and see everything- sounded like they all had wanted to take a tour for ages but never got to. 😉
      And the historic neighborhood dues are very affordable! I was surprised. 🙂

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