Thursday, 5/2/13

Doing pretty good so far today.

Childrens Hospital just called and FINALLY got Thomas in/scheduled for OT!  We have been waiting since November.  His 1st session is bi-weekly for 6 months, with the ending outcome expected to put him in “fair” condition.  That’s bitter sweet…. BUT as long as the results put him AHEAD from where he is now- its worth it!

It does stink that it is another appointment I must fit in somehow, and during dinner time. And of course, the hour of driving/gas I now also need to pay for too…. but I always make it all work somehow.  I mean, shoot, we are living off up to $1300/month and paying for 2 houses until we get moved and everything fixed in the new one right now.  The whole financial situation is 100000% in Gods hands.  So far, all the pieces are falling together, day by day.

And as for today- I have diapers & paperwork to finish, a van full of stuff that needs dropped off at the new house, and a lot of stuff that needs done here at the current house.  I’m trying not to be anxious about plumbing and electric-an immediate need. I’m trying really hard not to USE any utilities in our current house to save as much money as possible.  OH> & I really need to go to the grocery store… 

I’m caught up with orders. Meanwhile making in-stock items and Praying for SALES!




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