Well, it’s official- I signed all the paperwork today! Now, I have to wait for it all to get to the property owner (out of state), them to sign it, and then all the REAL work begins…

So much work ahead!  Michael (17) and I did go over the Monday and poured water in the main toilet/bathroom  (2nd floor) and it worked/flushed a few times… no leaks anywhere in the house that we could see…  The 2 toilets/bathrooms I’m keeping are missing the water lines/shut off valves- but I havent checked the other 2 bathrooms- I may be able to use parts from the others for the 2 main ones… A friend pointed out that the toilets, sinks, etc in the 2 full baths I’m gutting are all brand new- we didn’t look close enough to see if they were hooked up/had lines though.  (I will be gutting those 2 units down to the studs & re-building eventually, and both of those bathrooms will be needed at that point–but saving money now by using their parts and replacing down the road makes the most sense on our current, insanely tight budget. )  STEP 1: We only NEED *1* bathroom to move in! 😉  (& a 2nd 1/2 bath in the shop in Phase 2)

*BUT* at least we know that toilet in bathroom #1 works! No need to replace the toilet or outgoing pipes… 🙂

I managed to finish 6 customs trainers and get them ready for shipment 1st thing tomorrow.

Next step is window shopping for house parts… 🙂



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