Monday, 4/22/13

Great a great weekend with my boys. Michael (17) took me to a musical at his school, and then all 5 of us + our 2 dogs took a nice walk/hike along the Great Miami River.  We built “art” along the bank out of large drift wood and large stones.  We did have to cut things a bit short though when Thomas exploded into one of his un-triggered fits.  Michael volunteered to carry him back to the car for me, and also helped a lot around the house.  Over all, Michael had a really good weekend… not sure why the abnormal behavior.. 😉

It could be because I called his school Friday and bailed him out of failing Senior Government- which would’ve kept him from graduating. but, who really knows? He might not even know lol…

I have had lots of orders coming in and have been SUPER BUSY- which is GREAT!

5 appts so far for this week, plus my house closing Wednesday, and a business class on Friday. (I graduated from the Wed night class last Wed!)

I think my nervousness/stress finally peaked last night (got woke up at 1030, then couldn’t sleep).  And I am feeling much better about the entire situation today. (though really tired) 

I’m starting to piece together some help on fixing up the new house- focusing on a much free/reduced help as possible 1st and saving every penny for the BIG stuff. (ex: the breaker box must be replaced by a state AND city certified electrician.) 

Well, back to work! 🙂


I have more orders to ship out today and custom orders in process.  (I stop in the middle of large custom orders to pack and ship instock & small orders.)

1 belt, 41 wipes, 4 cloth napkins, and now back to 21 trainers and 48 diapers.  I  HATE the idea of ANY item/order to take more than 2 weeks to complete and ship, so far it has never happened. 🙂


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