Well I “close” on the property next week… lol… I *almost* posted “BUSINESS CLOSING NEXT WEEK!” on my shop facebook…  but…yeah…that sounds BAD…  LOL!

Next week, I’m 100% responsible for a nearly 4,000 sq ft, historic home/building.  


Part of me asks “am I grown up enough for this? Can I do something this big on my own?” But nearly everything has fallen together so  easily. As a matter of fact, the only thing that hasn’t went nearly perfect was me hiring my an “inspector” on my own, before I got a referral. Lesson learned.  I’ve been praying from the moment I found the property: “Ok God, there is NO WAY I can do something this BIG on my own… if this all works out, everyone will definitely know it was You, not me.”  And everything has fallen together.

I’m a BIG “what if” er… a planner. I usually have a plan for just about anything that could go wrong… not this time. I have a plan… and maybe a plan B… but that’s it. It’s really scary for someone like me, who has every detail planned out, sometimes by the minute. 😉  

I live debt free.  The fact that NOW I’ll have a mortgage (though small) and then, a micro-enterprising loan do NOT sit very well with me.  I just don’t like owing anyone anything- even if its a bank.  That is where those what-ifs start- “what if something happens, some unforeseen major thing, and I can’t pay?”  But really, that’s life right?  It’s just not possible to plan for something THAT big…

I’m praying for as many sales as possible. The bigger the better. Not because I want some lavish item, but because I want to FIX the house ASAP, get moved in, up and running, and then pay these people back as fast as possible! 

I am very thankful and excited for the sales & great product feedback coming in.  It is very encouraging.

 I may not be posting very much over the next week though as I have A LOT of sewing for custom orders, plan to take this weekend off to gather myself, and then plan for the closing.  We also have our regular appts each week- actually double the usual over this week and next…. AND MY GRADUATION IS NEXT WEDNESDAY. 🙂

Thomas’s OHI IEP was completed today as well. That kid is getting EVERYTHING and just in time for OAAs next week! So, more great news there. 🙂

Ok, well thank you for stopping by! I’m being called for bedtime/story time.. ❤



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