The Property Roller Coaster!

Well, This past week has been chaos…. good thing I am a chaos expert. 😉

I had an inspection done on the new property…which was going ok- until I (dumbly) told the guy how much I’m getting this place for.    I thought it odd he would NOT show me any of the “massive problems” this place supposedly had.  And he said it’d cost me “$200,000+ just to make it livable”… I mean, really??!! I could tear it down and REBUILD for that!  I left shocked and not knowing what to think.   After all, I’ve been working on getting this property for several weeks now.  EVERYTHING seemed to be falling into place, as if God willed.

Later it hit me- he gave me no business card or anything . I paid in cash and he didn’t even give me a receipt!  And, I found out he flat out lied about the condition of the house.  WHY?!   The general assumption is that he couldve been after the house.

So, yesterday, I took the gamble of hiring ANOTHER inspection through another company- a big gamble, as that meant I’d be paying for another inspection again.  THAT inspection went much better.   Fast forward to the end and I got a full color report, photos, etc and $5,000 to move in sounds much better than “$200,000” which I knew just couldn’t be right…

$5,000 is much more do-able. And today I found a program that, once in the home, said they can help us with “phase 2” of the remodeling for free.  That’d be pretty awesome.  This entire situation is going to teach me how to accept help sometimes… (something I’ve never been good at)

So, closing in 2 weeks. Gulp.  Praying for the financial part to come together…


One thought on “The Property Roller Coaster!

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