wed, 4/3/13

Today has been some what “calmer” than usual.  Only 2 kid appts today, and both already finished. The boys are keeping themselves entertained for the most part…although Christopher JUST finally got up.

This is all GREAT because I have A LOT of work to get done! My business plan draft is due TONIGHT.  Along with all my numbers for the 1st quarter.  Part of me misses the days when all I had to do was make stuff and list it, and make sure I made more than I bought in materials.  No “Cost of Good Sold”… No dividing out portions of rent, utilities, travel, etc etc and having to ALSO subtract that from the “profit” that I seemed to have.  BUT it is just not possible to grow a real business without at the very least knowing all these numbers.

I’ve checked out some sellers that sell for lower prices. A- there is no way they have run the numbers to realize they are actually losing money after site fees and paypal fees and shipping- and that’s before things like the cost to make the item. B- the stuff is made with very poor quality materials. This may not be noticed by a general person who doesn’t have daily experience with fabrics, but I can tell, from even just some of the prints alone, they are using cheap Walmart fabric and materials.  Now, me, I’m a perfectionist. I’d rather pay for 50 yards of quality fabric that will last, than save a few bucks of Walmart’s $1/yd, one sided clearance fabric…

And then there are the BIG name companies.  I’m sorry, but I’d NEVER be able to live with myself knowing my products are manufactured in poor working conditions by workers probably younger than my own. If you look closely, these sites flat out state their out-sourcing ways. And more and more customers are coming to me over joyed to find my products, that finally they have diapers that don’t leak.  Sure, it costs more for me to hand craft a diaper, here, in the USA, with USA materials from USA manufacturers. It takes me up to 1 hour to create each diaper, yes. But, I sleep well at night knowing for sure MY product was created right here, in safe, clean conditions and that a very special child and family will someday enjoy it.  Thought goes into every single item I create. I do not just zip through 2 dozen diapers an hour with out thought.  As I make each item, I’m filled with excitement- that someone is really going to LOVE it.  And, in worst case, they don’t, I’m always happily here to fix any issue that may arise- whether is is at arrival, OR down the road.

My boutique is MORE than just a “business” to me.  I treat it with the same love and care as anything else of major importance in my life. Yes, obviously I need to make enough to support my family.  So, yes, those “profit” numbers are very important. BUT it is NOT the only reason I do what I do.  And my customers can rest assured it never will be. ❤


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