Tues, 4/2/13

Today is just as busy as usual… I don’t remember what a non-busy day is even like. 😛

I had to run all over town gathering paperwork, not fun.  Now, I’m waiting to hear back from the mortgage guy so I can email him some final paperwork. Yeah.. basically giving up on raising the extra cash needed, and going to have to get a mortgage.  So, now I’ll need 3X as much money, but have a little longer to come up with it…

I got *some* sewing caught up this morning. I refuse to think about how much to still left.

I still have that horrible, pages long, Business Plan… now due tomorrow.  Yeah… I’ll be 100% honest…. none of it is complete.  I’ve stuck on the numbers. I’m supposed to subtract out my “Cost of Goods Sold” and “labor” from the total price paid, BUT then I also have my variable expenses to take out— BUT both places include some of the same numbers! It is a confusing mess. So… now that I’ve done it “their way” and realized this problem, I have to go back and figure out how to fix it… and that is 1 page of like 15 that need done… :-/

It was easier when I just had “EXPENSES:  #” and then “INCOME: #” and subtracted them and came out ahead.

At least the boys are all behaving for the most part. They were playing outside until JUST now, when they must’ve sensed me get on the computer… 😉

Well, back to re-crunching numbers to appease the fancy people… 😉




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