Well, it’s official- I signed all the paperwork today! Now, I have to wait for it all to get to the property owner (out of state), them to sign it, and then all the REAL work begins…

So much work ahead!  Michael (17) and I did go over the Monday and poured water in the main toilet/bathroom  (2nd floor) and it worked/flushed a few times… no leaks anywhere in the house that we could see…  The 2 toilets/bathrooms I’m keeping are missing the water lines/shut off valves- but I havent checked the other 2 bathrooms- I may be able to use parts from the others for the 2 main ones… A friend pointed out that the toilets, sinks, etc in the 2 full baths I’m gutting are all brand new- we didn’t look close enough to see if they were hooked up/had lines though.  (I will be gutting those 2 units down to the studs & re-building eventually, and both of those bathrooms will be needed at that point–but saving money now by using their parts and replacing down the road makes the most sense on our current, insanely tight budget. )  STEP 1: We only NEED *1* bathroom to move in! 😉  (& a 2nd 1/2 bath in the shop in Phase 2)

*BUT* at least we know that toilet in bathroom #1 works! No need to replace the toilet or outgoing pipes… 🙂

I managed to finish 6 customs trainers and get them ready for shipment 1st thing tomorrow.

Next step is window shopping for house parts… 🙂



Monday, 4/22/13

Great a great weekend with my boys. Michael (17) took me to a musical at his school, and then all 5 of us + our 2 dogs took a nice walk/hike along the Great Miami River.  We built “art” along the bank out of large drift wood and large stones.  We did have to cut things a bit short though when Thomas exploded into one of his un-triggered fits.  Michael volunteered to carry him back to the car for me, and also helped a lot around the house.  Over all, Michael had a really good weekend… not sure why the abnormal behavior.. 😉

It could be because I called his school Friday and bailed him out of failing Senior Government- which would’ve kept him from graduating. but, who really knows? He might not even know lol…

I have had lots of orders coming in and have been SUPER BUSY- which is GREAT!

5 appts so far for this week, plus my house closing Wednesday, and a business class on Friday. (I graduated from the Wed night class last Wed!)

I think my nervousness/stress finally peaked last night (got woke up at 1030, then couldn’t sleep).  And I am feeling much better about the entire situation today. (though really tired) 

I’m starting to piece together some help on fixing up the new house- focusing on a much free/reduced help as possible 1st and saving every penny for the BIG stuff. (ex: the breaker box must be replaced by a state AND city certified electrician.) 

Well, back to work! 🙂


I have more orders to ship out today and custom orders in process.  (I stop in the middle of large custom orders to pack and ship instock & small orders.)

1 belt, 41 wipes, 4 cloth napkins, and now back to 21 trainers and 48 diapers.  I  HATE the idea of ANY item/order to take more than 2 weeks to complete and ship, so far it has never happened. 🙂


Well I “close” on the property next week… lol… I *almost* posted “BUSINESS CLOSING NEXT WEEK!” on my shop facebook…  but…yeah…that sounds BAD…  LOL!

Next week, I’m 100% responsible for a nearly 4,000 sq ft, historic home/building.  


Part of me asks “am I grown up enough for this? Can I do something this big on my own?” But nearly everything has fallen together so  easily. As a matter of fact, the only thing that hasn’t went nearly perfect was me hiring my an “inspector” on my own, before I got a referral. Lesson learned.  I’ve been praying from the moment I found the property: “Ok God, there is NO WAY I can do something this BIG on my own… if this all works out, everyone will definitely know it was You, not me.”  And everything has fallen together.

I’m a BIG “what if” er… a planner. I usually have a plan for just about anything that could go wrong… not this time. I have a plan… and maybe a plan B… but that’s it. It’s really scary for someone like me, who has every detail planned out, sometimes by the minute. 😉  

I live debt free.  The fact that NOW I’ll have a mortgage (though small) and then, a micro-enterprising loan do NOT sit very well with me.  I just don’t like owing anyone anything- even if its a bank.  That is where those what-ifs start- “what if something happens, some unforeseen major thing, and I can’t pay?”  But really, that’s life right?  It’s just not possible to plan for something THAT big…

I’m praying for as many sales as possible. The bigger the better. Not because I want some lavish item, but because I want to FIX the house ASAP, get moved in, up and running, and then pay these people back as fast as possible! 

I am very thankful and excited for the sales & great product feedback coming in.  It is very encouraging.

 I may not be posting very much over the next week though as I have A LOT of sewing for custom orders, plan to take this weekend off to gather myself, and then plan for the closing.  We also have our regular appts each week- actually double the usual over this week and next…. AND MY GRADUATION IS NEXT WEDNESDAY. 🙂

Thomas’s OHI IEP was completed today as well. That kid is getting EVERYTHING and just in time for OAAs next week! So, more great news there. 🙂

Ok, well thank you for stopping by! I’m being called for bedtime/story time.. ❤


The Property Roller Coaster!

Well, This past week has been chaos…. good thing I am a chaos expert. 😉

I had an inspection done on the new property…which was going ok- until I (dumbly) told the guy how much I’m getting this place for.    I thought it odd he would NOT show me any of the “massive problems” this place supposedly had.  And he said it’d cost me “$200,000+ just to make it livable”… I mean, really??!! I could tear it down and REBUILD for that!  I left shocked and not knowing what to think.   After all, I’ve been working on getting this property for several weeks now.  EVERYTHING seemed to be falling into place, as if God willed.

Later it hit me- he gave me no business card or anything . I paid in cash and he didn’t even give me a receipt!  And, I found out he flat out lied about the condition of the house.  WHY?!   The general assumption is that he couldve been after the house.

So, yesterday, I took the gamble of hiring ANOTHER inspection through another company- a big gamble, as that meant I’d be paying for another inspection again.  THAT inspection went much better.   Fast forward to the end and I got a full color report, photos, etc and $5,000 to move in sounds much better than “$200,000” which I knew just couldn’t be right…

$5,000 is much more do-able. And today I found a program that, once in the home, said they can help us with “phase 2” of the remodeling for free.  That’d be pretty awesome.  This entire situation is going to teach me how to accept help sometimes… (something I’ve never been good at)

So, closing in 2 weeks. Gulp.  Praying for the financial part to come together…


I am *** $1,000***…yes, $1,000 from securing the business/residence property!!
I need to get some sales in ASAP!
I should hear back from them THIS WEEK!

Wow!  To think I am SOOOOO CLOSE.  To have a home for my family that doesn’t rain in our bedrooms. To have room to move.

To have my very own brick and mortar Boutique!   The opportunity to broaden my product lines! The brick and mortar Boutique will have lots of “green” products, as well as baby/kids clothing and maternity.

It will take a lot of work to move my entire household basically by myself. And the new place needs work before we can move in and before I can open my shop… shop opening probably won’t happen until next year– BUT — it’d be great to be ready in time for CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

I can’t believe it is so close!  I’m trying to not over think the “what ifs”– as I have issues with that… BUT my super planning is why we are so good at living on such little money.

I holding back tears!  It is sooooo exciting and sooooo scary at the same time.


And if you or anyone at all that you know needs anything I currently sell, please come chewck out not only my shop, BUT my shop facebook page- as there are special deals on these too!


fri 4/5/13

I didn’t sleep well last night at all… then got up ok, went to class (new one), came home, and all that tired-ness caught up with me… I’m fighting to get everything done that I need to and nothing is turning out well…

So far, good news with the new property… still need $$ but all the paperwork is coming together.  Was hoping to have all orders out by TODAY but not sure it will happen… better to wait a day than try to sew on an “off” day like today and mess everything up.

Ok… I need to get moving and play “catch up” around here…

BUT: new class= good. other class- graduation in 2 weeks.