Interesting Day…

It has been quite a day.  I got an amazing cash offer on that house…and I some how got pre-approved for a mortgage BUT if I were to go with the mortgage the price would be nearly 3X the cash offer as they will not budge on the price unless CASH… :-/    

I NEED TO MAKE $$ NOW! I have * 7 % * of the CASH price so far! That is about 800 diapers I need to sell ASAP to make the rest… 😉

I went and looked at it again and took pictures. Dozens. There are rooms everywhere and a huge full basement that is probably over 1,000 sq ft on its own.  It is a historic district and the neighbors all look at least “middle class”…  The houses go for a TON in that neighborhood…  BUT that could be GOOD, since I would be putting a higher-end boutique, with private appointments(not regular, daily hours), and hosting shopping parties, etc, on the 1st floor…. (There is a living room, dining room, giant kitchen, a full bathroom, and 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor.)

The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a kitchen- which would become a computer room… the 3rd floor would be a huge play room…

…and there are more 2 apartments in the back!  That is where most damage is though, and would need fully gutted and the roof fixed.  After those 2 steps were complete, it would become storage space, until possibly one day, being turned back into apartments….


And TODAY, up to that point, I have been sewing, sewing, sewing, – appointment-, sewing….

I finished 10 diapers and packaged them yesterday and did about 23? today.

I have a BIG weekend planned too! (the boys are visiting their dad) (one with out WORK & covered by a potential biz partner…)  I need a break.  Especially a FREE break… 😉 Then next week, I will be putting in as many hours as I can possibly force out of myself!!


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