Happy Spring and happy Wednesday!

Well, I STILL can’t shake thinking about that house lol… I have a call in to verify who really owns the house- just to verify, in case there’s some way at all that I could put in a lower offer… it can’t hurt, right?

At the present price, If I sold *80* of these sets:


I’d make enough to buy that house…lol….

Anyway, One order headed out today, 2 diapers to make today (that looming in stock diaper amount to work on), vendor table decor to work on, and class tonight…

Time to go get busy!!

Thomas had a kind of rough morning.  He seems to think that, now that his father got married, that his father is planning to try and take them(the boys) away from me.  He wouldn’t say why.  I guess it’s the 9yr old thought process?  A week ago, he told me his dad was planning to move to Florida- which no one, including their father, seems to know where Thomas got that idea from…  The entire situation has him upset… yesterday he had some sort of mild panic attack at school- the school nurse called and he begged me to come pick him up.  It hurts.  It’s crushing to see him so upset and so unable to communicate why.


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