Moving On…

I’m bummed.  I find the perfect house and for only $32,000 (value $400,000!) and it is STILL beyond my reach. 😦  I’d have to pay cash of $32,000 to get it- which obviously I don’t have.  No one will insure it until “FHA” standards were all met AND all “4 apts” would have to be fully “4 apts”… even though, I’d be turning it into a single family house.

 There’s a slight chance I could get it BUT with specialty insurance at an additional $200/mth (I’d have to ensure the replacement value, not mortgage value), it is just too much risk for me. I am NOT good at taking risks.  :-/  I would be about $200/mth OVER my current budget after payments, taxes, insurance etc- there’d be no breathing room- and what if something happened?  We’d be set if I was miraculously gifted with $32,000, or suddenly sold 5,000 diapers of course.  But that’s not going to happen.

So all I can do is pick myself up, dust myself off, deal with our circumstances, and cut as much as possible, to save as much as possible, in order to afford something better later…

Though I can’t get my mind to fully stop running numbers in the back of my head. About $50,000 cash would make it fully move in ready.  That’s just over 10% of the house’s value. 4,000 sq ft….plenty of family space AND an actual boutique on the 1st floor… No raining inside. No sinking floors. Opportunity to grow my business…. Another Glass Ceiling.

UGGH. Stop Brain.

I couldn’t sleep last night- just praying for God’s direction.  The lack of sleep isn’t helping!

I have an order going out tomorrow morning. I’ve been working on another custom order today.  I also have several diapers in process- including a really cute baby Elmo newborn set that will include: 2 fitted diapers, 2 covers, 2 inserts (covers can be used over the fitteds AND as an AI2) & not sure what else yet- all in that print.  And a bunch of other stuff to finish as well…

Alright. Time to go feed these kids… 😉



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