Credit cards are only “evil” if you have no way to PAY them.

Get a credit card or 2- even a secured card- and spend ONLY 25% of the limit each month.  Pay it off.  Do not go over the 25%, and it will BUILD your credit.

MY Personal Example:  Family of 5, living off less than $1300/mth. I’m basically debt-free (other than some student loans).  I have a Major credit card for $750 & use it each month for our gas.  A) I can pay at the pump quickly and easily and B) Our gas comes to about $175/mth.

Spending all or even close to your limit–even if you pay it off every single month– can actually HURT your credit… Those checking your credit can only see that there is a owed average balance on the card- it doesn’t show them that you pay it off every month or not…

So, even though I have those student loans hiding out there, and a medical bill or so lurking I’m sure, my credit score is now super close to 700.

Try It!  Just remember the secret is to stay at or below 25% of every card you use! 🙂


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