Looked at new…

Went and looked at a new house today…. I LOVE THAT HOUSE… nearly 4,000sq ft- room for the boys, pets AND course my business!! Right now, we live in a 1900 sq ft house that literally rained on us again last night… and it sounds big- but with 4 boys & a business- it isn’t.  People ask to come SEE my studio… & I am embarrassed because I can barely walk around my table myself due to all the bins and giant rolls of fabric etc…  Now. Sure, I’m thankful for what we have.  Though, it’s just another glass ceiling…

I lost count on how many rooms the house we looked at even had… it was once a HUGE 1 family, turned extended 4 family and now is left somewhere in the middle.

… I could actually SEE my boys running and playing inside the house like I’ve never envisioned before…the 3rd floor would be the perfect giant play room…the only thing that floor needed was cleaned up and a railing for the steps… (approx $100-$200 total, depending if I hired it out or not.)

….And I could host monthly “Boutique Parties” in the front 2 GIANT rooms that’d be the perfect shop area….. you know, tea and cookies and SHOPPING with friends- what’s better?! … (there’s a parking lot in the back AND street parking in the front&  a separate door and address to the front area) every room I walked into I could SEE the potential- know exactly what each room would be, how it’d be decorated, and what it’d be used for…

The problem:   I need another$32,000 …(or a cosigner) and no one will use my business income as income until I have “3-5 years of tax statements”….. :*(

****OR I could sell another 5,000 diapers!!!! like RIGHT now… 😉 *****

Obviously it needs work. But it’s NOT like it’s raining inside…. & the floors were super sturdy.

So I could use some HUGE PRAYERS and guidance… I’ve figured out how to build our life to this point with very very little money; there has to be something ahead…


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