ST Pats Day

Well, today has been pretty typical…

church, kids, work….

I got A LOT of products packaged today- no clue how many- just pack, label, zip, put in bin, pack, label, zip, put in bin…etc etc etc… 😉


Big vendors fair coming up fast.  MY 1st. 600-ish women. THAT needs prayer.

I found a potential property today… left a message- worth going & looking at at least. THAT needs prayer.  Not sure they will approve funding etc- as my business has to have 3-5 years of tax documentation before it “counts” for anything apparently, and of course my income is not the greatest… even though this property would cost me HALF my current payments and is DOUBLE the size of our current house…  

Banks don’t care what we can live off of, that I’m debt free, that I pay all our bills on time- they go by what the “world” says they need to live…  BUT I plan to go look anyway…

This week has been filled with ups and downs. I had to replace all 4 tires on my van- but have had a pretty good weekend financially.

& My whole body hurts for some odd reason- not sure where it’s all coming from or if its just stress or what not. But it hurts to breathe and I definitely did something to my knee…

Tomorrow is already pretty packed work-wise (YAY!)

Thomas is doing better…although Andrew seems to have taken his place this weekend.

And— well– that’s about it… 😉




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