This week….

Well, I found out why Thomas has been doing so much worse… the boys’ father is getting married this week. The boys do not like this girl… I will leave it at that.

I sat down the talked with the boys, explained to them I will always be here no matter what, like I always have, and I’m ok with him getting married, and I’m am ok with being single, etc etc and they are all doing better, though Thomas has still been having physical symptoms from the whole thing.

Saturday, I found my oldest WORK. I have 4hrs of extra drive time to drive him back and forth each weekend AND give up hunks of my weekend time for that driving, BUT it’s worth it.

During the drive time over the weekend- my van started acting up and by yesterday, I had to take it in to the shop and lost a day of work & $423 to get it fixed. (URGH.)

But, at least now I don’t have to worry about my tires…


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