Long Weekend/Sunday 3/3/12

Took some much needed time off with my boys.  

Volunteered our regular weekly hours yesterday. Today we went to church and then stopped past the mall just to walk around and get some out-of-the house exercise.  Then I have been working on Christopher’s 6th grade science fair project and doing the regular household stuff.

Back to “work” tomorrow- already have a very long “work” list.  

7 appointments scheduled so far for this upcoming week. (but none tomorrow) So LOTS to do tomorrow/Monday!!

I also have an insane work list to get ready for my very 1st Vendors Fair (600+ people) in April– in 5 weeks.  I have my basic(free) advertisements up and going, but not planning anything else (stuff that costs $$) until after the retreat/fair.  PRAYING that THAT event will bring in LOTS of business, so I need to do A LOT of sewing and prep!! 🙂


Alright. Bedtime… there’s a bed full of little boys calling for a story… 😉


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