Thomas not doing well…

Thomas is not doing well.  Issues relating to his special needs.

It started with the teacher calling me about his behavior change at school over the past 2 weeks- she took away his recesses and was debating about giving him detention for it.  Then the case manager called with concerns after meeting with him at school.  I called the Dr in charge of his medications- to verify it isn’t medication related.

He had a very rough night and morning. It took over 2 hours to get him up, clothed, medicine, and to the van this morning( and once there he hurt his little brother) & now he has 2 Dr appts added to the schedule today- 1 for his regular Dr and 1 for his specialist who handles his medications.  (4 appts today.)

They are discussing taking him off ALL his medications- which in turn, means he will be unhandlable by nearly everyone.  I CAN “handle” him, I have since birth- what I mean is- it takes every ounce of even my energy and more. I end up covered in bruises and scratches. But I have to keep going. I have to protect him from himself and others from him.  It’s heart-breaking.  I hate to see him like this.  Maybe they will find better medications.

The last time he was hospitalized was a horrible experience. He wasn’t watched or cared for and they put him on 3X the doses of meds.

So, his specialist finally had me keep him home, which meant I had to quit school in mid-semester(full loss of college funds paid& the debt is still hanging over my head 2 yrs later) and take him to/from her office each day(which was 15mins away instead of daily 1hr away hospital drives), then to every other day, then once per week, then every other week, and now still every month, to figure out the right meds and doses.

Praying it doesn’t get like that again, BUT I’m working at home now, which means I can adapt my schedule around his needs.  & It is looking like a possibility of me having to keep him home from school etc again for the same type of deal. (As I don’t want him in that hospital again.)

Tonight, after all these appointments, we need to just take the evening off. Cuddle up as a family and watch a movie or something…

Well. time to pack up and collect paperwork for today’s appts and get out the door!


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