Ups & Downs

It is difficult sometimes lately not to look at the negatives.  I’m not much of a “risk taker”- and yet my entire life is one GIANT “risk”…

I mean, I’m running a household of 5, alone, on up to $1300/month- on a GOOD month.

I have 4 “differ-abled “boys. A teen and pre-teen (need I say more?), that I am still working on simple “self-care” lessons, like washing dishes. A teen that *should* be moving out in July, but honestly he is just not ready. I’m hoping to realizes this and chooses a college closer to home. I do not want to watch him crash and burn and the thought rips my heart out. He’s learning and it won’t be forever… I just pray he will stick close to home for another year and learn how to care for himself more before stepping out.  Today, he took the garbage the the curb and made a pot of coffee all by himself!  And, the pre-teen… well… he is a pre-teen, hormones and all. (lol)

Thomas. Thomas is a lot of work. Today alone, they were all tardy because Thomas refused to get up, then basically decided it was a good day to turn himself into cement and not move… he is about 75lbs now, but has some super power to make himself weigh 10X that when he decides to dig his heels in. I can’t really even lift him… I basically have to wrap my arms around his chest, his back toward me, and “drag” him (for lack of better explanation).  I am literally sweating and out of air by the time I get him downstairs, to the front door for school. OH. And 1/2 of these episodes, he is kicking, biting, and thrashing around, grab.  AT LEAST he doesn’t fight taking his medications anymore. He takes 3 every morning and 2 every night.  He can’t swallow any sort of pills, so I have to crush them and mix them into his liquids meds.  It takes a lot of effort to say the least. But, on his good days, he has a heart of gold and can be loving and kind.

Andrew is generally pretty helpful and sweet. He is the most “typical” functioning and rarely is much more than a typical 7 yr old fit.  He refuses to sleep ion his own bed and is usually attached to my hip.  Probably because most of my time gets pulled into his brothers’ issues unfortunately.

And right now, I am scrabbling. LOTS of meetings, etc on top of regular “work” stuff. I must figure out which groups and agencies are “real” and will be helpful and which are scams.  I must obviously SEW like crazy, and I must get my business plan done NOW.  I was up past midnight last night working on my business plan, as I spent all day (14hrs) sewing yesterday. I’m off to a meeting NOW for the next 2-3hrs, then get kids from school, then a small window to feed the kids etc etc before I head off to class for the evening.

Today is the last day of school before spring break- which I have put little thought into- and also I haven’t thought out easter yet either… though loking VERY FORWRD to letting hte boys sleep  in and no morning off-to-school fights. 😉






Lunch meeting went well.  I passed out a bunch or business cards. Got a lead on a potential SBA loan…  I will speak to them tomorrow for more information- BUT can’t do much of anything until my official business place is complete.  It is due next Wednesday(for a “grade”) but now, needed IMMEDIATELY basically.  EVERYONE is waiting for it!  Kickstarter.ocm,, SBA, etc etc etc- Ive lost count lol- just everyone.

Going to put the assistant to work, and the kids with a movie of something, and work on it until I have to leave for class….


Working like crazy!

listing new products like:


and MUCH MORE!!!

Check it out!

Also, if you know of any avenues of obtaining the rest of the funds needed for the house/shop combo, please email me at:





I am working toward securing the house I’ve mentioned in past posts.  I just cant let it go with out TRYING for this miracle!  This property would not only give us a place to live, BUT also an actual boutique area! My boys’ are getting awfully big to be sharing a bedroom in our current home, and I’ve run out of room for my business.  Without the room to run my boutique, and host customers/potential customers, I can not grow my business to it’s fuller potential.  I have been offered an absolutely AMAZING cash deal on a house big enough for all of the above- but there’s not much time to gather the $14,000 CASH still needed!


I am offering a *20%* discount on all ONLINE, in stock diapers, trainers, wipes etc, now through the end the March!!

(Online orders do not pay sales tax, so more $$ will go immediately to the housing fund!)

Donations of ANY AMOUNT can also be paypaled to:

Clearly mark the “notes” section as “donation only”.

If I do not raise enough in time, the money will go into a special account until I raise enough and another property can be found.


20% OFF ALL IN-STOCK diapers, trainers, & wipes of $50+!!
100% of sales will go toward our “housing/brick&mortar fund”
(See Blog for more details.)

Interesting Day…

It has been quite a day.  I got an amazing cash offer on that house…and I some how got pre-approved for a mortgage BUT if I were to go with the mortgage the price would be nearly 3X the cash offer as they will not budge on the price unless CASH… :-/    

I NEED TO MAKE $$ NOW! I have * 7 % * of the CASH price so far! That is about 800 diapers I need to sell ASAP to make the rest… 😉

I went and looked at it again and took pictures. Dozens. There are rooms everywhere and a huge full basement that is probably over 1,000 sq ft on its own.  It is a historic district and the neighbors all look at least “middle class”…  The houses go for a TON in that neighborhood…  BUT that could be GOOD, since I would be putting a higher-end boutique, with private appointments(not regular, daily hours), and hosting shopping parties, etc, on the 1st floor…. (There is a living room, dining room, giant kitchen, a full bathroom, and 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor.)

The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a kitchen- which would become a computer room… the 3rd floor would be a huge play room…

…and there are more 2 apartments in the back!  That is where most damage is though, and would need fully gutted and the roof fixed.  After those 2 steps were complete, it would become storage space, until possibly one day, being turned back into apartments….


And TODAY, up to that point, I have been sewing, sewing, sewing, – appointment-, sewing….

I finished 10 diapers and packaged them yesterday and did about 23? today.

I have a BIG weekend planned too! (the boys are visiting their dad) (one with out WORK & covered by a potential biz partner…)  I need a break.  Especially a FREE break… 😉 Then next week, I will be putting in as many hours as I can possibly force out of myself!!


Happy Spring and happy Wednesday!

Well, I STILL can’t shake thinking about that house lol… I have a call in to verify who really owns the house- just to verify, in case there’s some way at all that I could put in a lower offer… it can’t hurt, right?

At the present price, If I sold *80* of these sets:

I’d make enough to buy that house…lol….

Anyway, One order headed out today, 2 diapers to make today (that looming in stock diaper amount to work on), vendor table decor to work on, and class tonight…

Time to go get busy!!

Thomas had a kind of rough morning.  He seems to think that, now that his father got married, that his father is planning to try and take them(the boys) away from me.  He wouldn’t say why.  I guess it’s the 9yr old thought process?  A week ago, he told me his dad was planning to move to Florida- which no one, including their father, seems to know where Thomas got that idea from…  The entire situation has him upset… yesterday he had some sort of mild panic attack at school- the school nurse called and he begged me to come pick him up.  It hurts.  It’s crushing to see him so upset and so unable to communicate why.


Credit cards are only “evil” if you have no way to PAY them.

Get a credit card or 2- even a secured card- and spend ONLY 25% of the limit each month.  Pay it off.  Do not go over the 25%, and it will BUILD your credit.

MY Personal Example:  Family of 5, living off less than $1300/mth. I’m basically debt-free (other than some student loans).  I have a Major credit card for $750 & use it each month for our gas.  A) I can pay at the pump quickly and easily and B) Our gas comes to about $175/mth.

Spending all or even close to your limit–even if you pay it off every single month– can actually HURT your credit… Those checking your credit can only see that there is a owed average balance on the card- it doesn’t show them that you pay it off every month or not…

So, even though I have those student loans hiding out there, and a medical bill or so lurking I’m sure, my credit score is now super close to 700.

Try It!  Just remember the secret is to stay at or below 25% of every card you use! 🙂

Moving On…

I’m bummed.  I find the perfect house and for only $32,000 (value $400,000!) and it is STILL beyond my reach. 😦  I’d have to pay cash of $32,000 to get it- which obviously I don’t have.  No one will insure it until “FHA” standards were all met AND all “4 apts” would have to be fully “4 apts”… even though, I’d be turning it into a single family house.

 There’s a slight chance I could get it BUT with specialty insurance at an additional $200/mth (I’d have to ensure the replacement value, not mortgage value), it is just too much risk for me. I am NOT good at taking risks.  :-/  I would be about $200/mth OVER my current budget after payments, taxes, insurance etc- there’d be no breathing room- and what if something happened?  We’d be set if I was miraculously gifted with $32,000, or suddenly sold 5,000 diapers of course.  But that’s not going to happen.

So all I can do is pick myself up, dust myself off, deal with our circumstances, and cut as much as possible, to save as much as possible, in order to afford something better later…

Though I can’t get my mind to fully stop running numbers in the back of my head. About $50,000 cash would make it fully move in ready.  That’s just over 10% of the house’s value. 4,000 sq ft….plenty of family space AND an actual boutique on the 1st floor… No raining inside. No sinking floors. Opportunity to grow my business…. Another Glass Ceiling.

UGGH. Stop Brain.

I couldn’t sleep last night- just praying for God’s direction.  The lack of sleep isn’t helping!

I have an order going out tomorrow morning. I’ve been working on another custom order today.  I also have several diapers in process- including a really cute baby Elmo newborn set that will include: 2 fitted diapers, 2 covers, 2 inserts (covers can be used over the fitteds AND as an AI2) & not sure what else yet- all in that print.  And a bunch of other stuff to finish as well…

Alright. Time to go feed these kids… 😉