My very 1st…..

Well. The time has come to cut the check.  I am beyond terrified!  I get really nervous around lots of people I don’t know.  & no matter how hard a try to fight off the “what ifs” they are invading my dreams and ruining my sleep!  Creating in my home, and selling from behind a computer screen keeps me from “those” kind of other situations. How do I overcome this?? What could have me so scared??  I will tell you.



Well.  I am about to “get over it” in a VERY major way.  When I cut this check, there is no way out (with out forfeiting my $$).  It is my VERY 1st time doing ANYTHING like this.  The thought has caused so much anxiety that I’ve never gotten closer than nodding my head when someone mentions a “craft fair opportunity”.  I don’t even GO to these type of things because of these fears.

And THIS one. This one will be over **600** women, during a weekend women’s retreat.  I have started some small prep. I am working on 600+ 3″x4″ goody bags that will go into the BIG gift bags given out by the retreat itself.  I’ve been working really hard NOT to think about the actual retreat, and even up until now told myself “well, if I chicken out, at least my goody bags will be there…”

BUT now the money is due. NOW.  I have the “supplies” such as retail racks, table, etc.


I need to PACKAGE all my stuff.

I need to MAKE MORE stuff.

I need to FINISH 600+ goody bags.

I need to CREATE a presentation board, including information about my business, and my background story…

I need to DESIGN a 10′ x10′ “booth”.  (That is REALLY big! my entire studio is only 13×14! lol)

I need to BUY decorations etc for said “booth.”

I NEED to pick out clothes, pack, etc etc.  The list is long. The time is short.

THE POSITIVE: My ex husband has agreed to take the boys from after school through afternoon the next day- as I get his weekend/normal visit day during spring break.

& it LOOKS like I will be taking my assistant with me. Age cut off is 18, and she turns 18 the DAY before!  She has experience with crafts fairs & has been very successful with it. (One of the many qualities that SOLD me when hiring her.)

I have 5 1/2 weeks to get this all accomplished.  This evening I have a meeting from 3pm-5pm. And around that, I will start mapping out a game plan…


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