Sunday 2/24/13

Went to see “Warm Body” last night- it was cute. 🙂

Spent my entire profits from January and February on PUL Fabric- praying the investment pays off. (literally, EXACT TOTAL-weird that it came out exactly even lol)

Plan for tomorrow: drop kids off, SEWING FRENZY, case manager appt, choir meeting.

*10* appointments this week. Yes. 10.  That’s an average of 2/day.  Ugh. & it’s gotta be my biggest sewing week ever. & I need to update photos. & shoot- still take photos of all the stuff I need to list still.  & of course I still have a TON of homework!

Needless to say, I will be working my butt off after church today!

Michael is set to help out on Monday & Tuesday evening.  & my new assistant is set to help Wednesday evening.


I am about 1/2 way finished with the goody bags for a women’s retreat (600 total).  Each 3″x4″ bag contains 4 different jolly ranchers (1 for each of my boys) so far AND will contain information about me/my business, along with a coupon. (I don’t have that put part done yet.)  I didn’t realize how much something so simple would cost. It is over $100! BUT it’s also 600 baggies and 600 potential customers I wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

( I am hoping to GO to the retreat and have a booth etc, but I have the boys here and need to figure that all out. Money for the retreat to due VERY soon.)

OK! Time to get moving! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Your support is GREATLY appreciated!




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