So far, So good

The new “Mother’s Helper”/Assistant (can we just call her “all of the above”? 😉  )  was great.  It was like having 2 of me.  I had a moment to breathe with out feeling like I was “neglecting” the boys.  Although, I just had her basically hang out with the kids yesterday- nothing too over-the- top or extra long  for her 1st day… 😉  I watched as she helped them with homework while I worked on mine, then headed off to class and back home to hear everything went better than expected.  Thomas & Andrew seemed to behave for the most part.   (& I handled it better than I expected too.)

I got 3 trainers done today, to be shipped tomorrow, so that was great.  It is a good thing I don’t have little teeny ones anymore, or it’d be MUCH harder to sell all these adorable creations! 😉  The rest of today has been spent on the phone on business calls.  I want all my bases covered and to fully know what all my options are, and what direction to head in to expand.

One things is for sure: *I* will always be creating. & I will NOT out-source production.  Made in the USA, always.  🙂  Though, I’d much rather hide behind my sewing machine than go “market” any day. (though I’m told I’m good) Some day I’ll hire THAT part out… 😉

My business phone calls all ended with a lot of successful people praising my products, service, drive, determination, etc.  I was close to tears a couple times when these “successful” people were THANKING ME for calling and inspiring them/brightening their day.  (I called to “bug” them for advice/referrals to info sources.)  I am building my own support team, one person at a time…


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