This past weekend was a 4 day weekend AND Thomas’s 9th Birthday AND Thomas’s concert (Thomas did GREAT!!) AND my 1st time interviewing someone.  It has been SUPER busy!  I didn’t get much “work” in over the weekend, and only got about 6hrs of sewing in yesterday.

It’s Wednesday and we have only had 2 appointments so far this week, class tonight, seminar tomorrow night, then volunteering Saturday morning and then headed to drop off a cloth diaper set to a new mother Saturday afternoon, and church Sunday.  Of course, homework and as many “WORK” hours as possible all popped in as much as possible as well.

You know, the usual.

This morning was basically #1: get kids to school, #2: grocery store, #3: put 1/2 van load of groceries away & leave the other 1/2 of van load for the boys later (hehehe), & now I am headed in to update advertisements gather up publicity for my shop from others, so I can post all the links on my blog and FB pages.  THEN  I need to finish all my homework due TONIGHT… (EEEEEK!)

Well, UPDATE from interviews last week- I think I found the most PERFECT assistant ever!  Her interview took 3 hours and the boys fell in love with her.  I showed her around our home, and we went over schedules and over the boys’ special needs.  I was explaining to her how to do the “deep pressure” that calms Thomas down when he is worked up– Thomas, by the way, was REALLY hyped up with the change in routine–  I asked him how he felt about her and if they’d like her to come back and hang out with them on Wednesdays, and he started sharply nodding his head and nearly dove on her.  At this point we were sitting on the floor, and she started rubbing his back/shoulders, and Thomas immediately went from SUPER HYPER, to a puddle on the floor, as she asked “you mean, like THIS?”

BOOM. “YES, exactly!”  (HIRED!!!!)  She instantly had figured out his “off” switch and watched deep pressure work its magic.  She seemed pretty happy/excited to have witnessed the dramatic change.

She is young- just under 18- but is in post secondary (college during high school) majoring in Special Education.  She has “baby sat” for children and young adults with various special needs for years- one autistic young man who had violent fits like Thomas (maybe worse/ definitely older & stronger) and has a passion for those with special needs and well as the patience.   AND she sews!  AND does house cleaning!

I was VERY nervous about leaving the boys with ANYONE up until I met her.  She starts today and I’m hoping all goes with out any major catastrophes.  It sure seems like a God Send.  Typical hours will be 4:00pm until 10:00pm, with me only being gone for just over 3 hours for class in the middle.  Now. All I have to do is make more income to PAY for it…  LOTS OF PRAYERS NEEDED!!!


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