big steps ahead today…

Ok, ok.  I admit, over these past 3 years I have kinda become a control freak.  I’m responsible for EVERYTHING myself.  (& before that I was a stay at home mom/always had my kids at all times etc)  So, the idea of giving up some control/allowing HELP, is really SCARY.  I mean, I have my life back!  And, up til now, I haven’t had too much to worry about  in that department because- although looking- I haven’t been able to find any help anyway.

TODAY I have my 1st interview for my 1st potential employee/mother’s helper/sitter/ all of the above.  1st one who understands I can’t afford much at this time.  1st one who has special needs experience, has sewing experience, house cleaning experience, etc etc, and young & active enough to actually chase these guys around… we shall see how this goes.

I need to let go of some stuff in order to move higher/faster.  It’s weird though, how you have to HIRE help before you have enough to pay them, in order to MAKE more money for yourself AND to pay them…

Today, I have also been finishing up putting together a batch of one size diapers, pre-washing lots of new fabric, and updating some listings.  (NOW I’m thinking OH NO! I should C L E A N !!! Interview HERE THIS afternoon!!??!!  EEEEEEEEK!)

So… back to work I go!

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