I am determined.  I just keep getting up, dusting myself off, and starting over.  I have all orders shipped.  I’m making things work somehow.  I’m still trying to find a mother’s helper- 

BUT DO YOU KNOW EVEN *KIDS* want at least $10/hr per child??!!  (I was babysitting just months ago for as low as $2/hr!)

 & What does a kid need $10+/hr for?!  I am supporting a family of *5* on less than $6/hr!

I can’t afford to pay anything really, BUT was going to figure out how to dig up about $20 total for the 3 hours for my weekly class somehow…  I just have no way to afford $10+/hour, per child… 

Ok, off my soap box now…

So. today. Valentine’s Day. Enough Said there.

Today, started with a pretty good morning-everyone got up and ready with much less issues.  We started the day with our NEW family game plan.  Thomas did well staying rather calm and although we were a bit behind schedule, everyone got to school in one piece, with Valentines in hand.  Andrew (7) hand made all of his- very cute. :*)

Now, I have been updating my online ads  and working on 600 goody bags for a women’s retreat with Andrew’s help this morning, etc, and hopefully will get some “in-stock” items at least worked on today.  I have a business assistance meeting this afternoon.




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