Thurs 2/7/13

My oldest son saved the day- skipped church and watched his brothers so I could make my class tomorrow WHEW! (now I owe him $20 lol)

This week, we have about 6 appts, and I still have 2 kids that need bloodwork ASAP.  Thinking about trying to get them out to the hosptial for that this morning.

So today’s agenda:

get kids up & dressed etc

take christopher to choir practice then school

take Thomas & Andrew for their bloodwork- no meds, no food allowed… (are these Drs CRAZY?! lol)

get them fed, med’ed, & to school ASAP after.

get to high school for FAFSA DAY by 1:30pm

survive all of the above, get home like lightening and try to get MY homework started and “work” etc done… (the 3 youngest are going w/ their dad after school to 7:30)

7:30pm, get everyone read for bed.

8pm SLEEP…. (I hope. :-P)


4:30pm UPDATE!

Both boys survived the bloodwork.  Andrew went 1st and I had to hold him down on my lap as he wasn’t a willing participant…

Poor Thomas- he was a trooper.  Sat right down and let her do it…but then- immediately after he turned pale, started vomiting and nearly passed out… poor little guy.  He’s never had a reaction before.  (I was secretly thankful he went 2nd today, as Andrew would’ve flipped out even worse to go next after that.)  I cuddled them and and slowly fed them til stuffed, and then took them back to school.

Then I went & survived Michael’s FAFSA day at the high school.  Total eligible: full amount.  Total Family Contribution Required: 0%

NOW it is time for me to start getting UP and moving with my business & hit new heights!


Next, I checked out an investment property, out of curiosity.  The place would be so perfect for us.  I wish I had the $$…. I wish I was more prepared… The place is NICE.  It has a shop in the front, 3 apartments with tenants (which cover about 80% of the mortgage for the entire complex!), AND then there is a house next door- fully updated.   Mortgage payments, after the tenents’ rent would only be about  $400/mth…& I did add a good hunk of $$ to the total for all hidden expenses…

The problem: I do NOT have $300,000. (price+additional exps) I do NOT show the income to get a loan- probably at all.

Banks don’t care that you are a survivor and know how to live off very little.  They look at you like everyone else- group you in with the those who somehow can’t survive on even 4X what we do.  According to stats, we should be homeless.  Our income level says we should be living in some government housing, 2 bedroom apartment, and collecting free money, certainly not what we DO have instead- a 1900sq ft HOUSE, etc.  So. I am proud of what I have done with the resources God’s has entrusted me with.

It DID get me thinking though… “how much in assets DO I have?… personal…?  business…?”  I mean, I’ve been re-investing nearly all profits BACK into my business for the past 7 years.  And if I DO decide to try for loans, grants, investors- the options that could open for me in the future, I will need to have that kind of information at hand, ready to share.

Well, I am NOT going to share my results, but I will say I have over 1,000 fabrics in my studio alone- all folded and shelved on about 2 dozen shelves…  I keep waiting for sales to pick up much more before using it all.  Ok…ok… I NEED to start using it NOW.  I NEED to start preparing right NOW.  I need to STOP being scared….


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